What is culture? Culture can be defined in different ways, however, there is a common thread that runs through all definitions and that is: Culture is the development, improvement, or refinement of the intellect, emotions, interests, manners, and tastes. Culture also has the ability to transfer, communicate, or pass along ideas, customs, skills, arts, language, etc. to succeeding generations.

Culture should be seen as a source of strength because it results in a more refined way of thinking, talking, and acting. Another compelling reason to view culture as a source of strength is that it orders the behavior and belief systems of people and society without them being told or forced to conform.

Truth be told, man will only be at his best when he develops the true nature of himself or herself, and to do that requires a strong culture. The other reality is that we have no choice but to work together to continue to develop, improve, protect and refine our culture. Failure to maintain a strong culture will result in our failed pursuit of empowerment.

Today we do have an educated class of Black women and Black men. Consequently, our community now has the greatest opportunity for the continued development of our culture, advancement of our culture and protection of our culture. The Center for Community Advancement was created to pursue and implement proactive and sustained efforts in the form of advocacy, social, political and economic empowerment, and guided research and study. The intent here is for the community, through CCA, to develop the capacity to aggressively address the root causes of the social, political and economic disparity that exists.

The think tank is organized to serve the community as a transmitter of knowledge and information and an intersection of ideas and conversations, through various channels:

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