Why you need to support a Community Benefits Agreement that ensures equitable and inclusive development in JFK Redevelopment

Why you need to support a Community Benefits Agreement that ensures equitable and inclusive development in JFK Redevelopment

To upgrade the infrastructure of the city, John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport is to be renovated with an estimated $10 billion investment. The project comes with an increase in job opportunities and financial benefits, which include but are not limited to non-construction and construction employment opportunities, post-construction contracts, and economic opportunities for local businesses.

The local (Southeast Queens) communities stand as the most impacted by the airport redevelopment project. Therefore, we must come together as a unified community to ensure that the main purpose of economic development is to bring measurable, permanent improvements to the lives of affected residents, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

We need your support of a Community Benefits Agreement that was written to ensure that our community’s concerns are heard and addressed, and that benefits be accrued to the local communities. We must pressure the governor and the developers, and the private sector to sign the Community Benefits Agreement with us so that it will be incorporated in the development process monitored and enforced.


Sign the petition and share with everyone you know in order to get the Community Benefits Agreement signed. Our community should no longer be left out of the economic development process and our needs should no longer be compromised.


What is a Community Benefits Agreement?

A community benefits agreement, or CBA, is a private contract between a developer and a community coalition that sets forth the benefits that the community will receive from the development. Common benefits include living wages, local hiring and training programs, affordable housing, environmental remediation and funds for community programs. CBAs ensure that development is equitable and benefits all members of the community, eventually contributing to stronger local economies, livable neighborhoods and increased public participation in the planning process. (The Community Benefits Blogspot)

The community benefits include:

  • Living wage for all project employees
  • Construction workforce composed of 50% MWBE over the life of the Project
  • Community Information, Opportunity and Resource Center
  • Training and capacity building programs
  • Job Readiness and Training Program
  • First-source hiring


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