Tyrone A. Burgess is the chief engineer at Coney Island hospital, a member of the New York City Health and Hospital System (H+H). Mr. Burgess has been working in plant operations for the past 20 years and in 2014 became the first minority to hold permanent status as chief engineer for H+H in New York City’s history. Tyrone also currently serves in the capacity of operations engineer for both Brookdale Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital.

In 2016 Tyrone was appointed to the role of examination preparer by the Department of City Wide Administration (DCAS) where he was tasked with the creation of a new Senior Stationary Exam adopted by all New York City Agencies.

As a past student of St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) in Kingston, Jamaica, Tyrone attributes his achievements to the excellence in secondary education received at his alma mater. After leaving STATHS he furthered his studies at the University of Technology, Devry University and the City University of New York. He holds degrees in computer engineering & electronics. Tyrone also is certified by the Department of Buildings (DOB) and the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) for power plant operations and refrigeration engineering respectively.

Tyrone prefers working behind the scenes but is always ready to assist the community when called upon. Throughout his career in engineering, Tyrone has always found time to render support and is actively involved in the various fundraising efforts, which subsequently provide numerous benefits for institutions both locally and in Jamaica.

In 2017 Tyrone joined forces with other like-minded individuals in creating the Center for Community Advancement (CCA). His passion for giving back to his community, and his personal commitment to the organization’s efforts lies in community advocacy for all.