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Ronald G. Fisher, Esq.

Ronald G Fisher, Esq. was born the son of Dr. Edward G Fisher, MD and Frances R Pounder-Fisher in a hospital built for freed slaves in Washington DC.  Both parents understood the value and importance of a quality education, especially for a young black male.  They also were determined that their children would contribute to society with the gifts granted to them from the Almighty.  These driving forces would help mold their son to be the man he became.

Ronald lived in Washington until junior high school when he moved to Bronx, NY with his mother. He attended the Bronx High School of Science, which helped open doors that he benefitted from in the years ahead. Attending Bronx Science was a blessing on many levels. Ronald received a top-notch public education that is recognized nationwide. The diverse student body allowed Ronald to learn an appreciation of people and cultures from across the world.  He participated in extracurricular activities including cultural organizations and joining the track team. Ronald tried to take advantage of as many opportunities at his disposal.

Attending a top high school paved the way to admission into an Ivy League school: The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. Surrounded by the children of the rich and powerful, Ronald learned what his mother always told him, no one is better than us nor are we better than anyone else, some are just better off than others.  Ronald knows that if only a young person takes advantage of the opportunities presented, that wondrous results can happen.

Following graduation, Ronald ultimately secured employment with the NYC Comptroller where he audited city agencies and businesses doing business with NYC.  While working for the Comptroller full time during the day, Ronald attended New York Law School at night. After four long tiresome years he graduated.  Ronald became an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County to begin his legal career.  Subsequently, Ronald had stints with the NYPD and Safe Horizons (formerly, Victims Services) all of which ultimately led to Ronald opening his own practice where his primary focus is in representing indigent people in Family Court. In 2017, Ronald and two partners formed a not-for-profit firm to represent youth in criminal/juvenile proceedings.

Ronald over the years, has tried numerous cases in court, presented testimony before the NYC Council, recruited and trained pro bono attorneys for survivors of domestic violence, engaged in presentations in the community and on television, lobbied elected officials for new legislation and designed plans to distribute wealth.

One thing that Ronald is extremely excited about is the opportunity that he’s been granted in working as a mentor and Officer for the United Black Men of Queens (UBMQ).  His work with UBMQ helped inspire him to do more. In 2017, Ronald, with two colleagues, formed the Youth Defense Center, Inc., a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) dedicated to representing young people (under 19) in criminal and family court who are alleged to have committed crimes in New York City. With this background, Ronald is humbled by the opportunity to work with his co-founders at the Center for Community Advancement (CCA) to help enrich the lives of those who are from our community.