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Patricia Smith was born and raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica West Indies. Unfortunately, Ms. Smith’s struggle began in infancy, where she was abandoned by her parents. As a result, she experienced many hardships, one of which was growing up in poverty. Nonetheless, Patricia Smith did not allow her impoverished background to define her, making education her focus as she attended St. Catherine High School. Desperate to move from poverty to prosperity, she journeyed from Jamaica to the United States by herself at the age of 19. Dealing with the highs and lows of immigrant life in America, Patricia found herself homeless and living out of her car for a time. Despite not having a roof over her head and have lived a life of adversity, Patricia was undaunted. She saw that in the United States, anything was possible. She truly believed that hard work, grit, and a commitment to education would eventually become her pathway out of poverty

Patricia climbed the ladder of success by starting her career as a Housekeeper. This was her introduction to homecare and eventually led to other similar opportunities in health care such as Personal Care Assistant (PCA) and Nurse’s Aide. Having mastered these positions Patricia Smith progressed deeper into the medical field and pursued a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) which blossomed into a Registered Nurse (BSN) position and finally ended at Nurse Practitioner, MSN, one of the highest positions a nurse can attain.

Throughout her varied roles in the healthcare industry, Patricia saw that chronically ill, low-income New Yorkers required better quality home healthcare services. In acknowledgment of this need, she seized the opportunity to become an environmentally conscious entrepreneur and launched Sweet P Home Care, a Licensed Home Healthcare Service Agency (LHCSA) in December of 2000. What began as a small business, operating out of her basement, has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise providing home healthcare services to over 100 patients across New York City while providing professional development opportunities to Housekeepers, Home Health Aides, LPNs, and RNs, many of whom are immigrant and minority women like herself.

A true example of the American dream, Patricia continues to take an active role in communities all across New York City, giving special attention to her home, Jamaica, NY. Her generosity and community activism are some of the best-kept secrets in the community. One goal Patricia Smith hopes to accomplish is to inspire women of color in a way that will allow them to persevere through their life challenges and contribute to their environment, as she has.