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Community Public Radio being the voice of the community is essential to our political, social and economic development. It can serve as a counter-balance to mainstream media, while it emphasizes and facilitates the empowerment of marginalized communities through the promotion of a people first agenda, culture, civil rights, social justice and other issues relevant to development.

Community Public Radio is designed to be driven and influenced by the community through a community-based think tank. Therefore, the planning, programming, managing, and ownership structure will be from the ground up not top down.  Community Public Radio will be used as a local counter-balance to offset the negative imagery created by the mainstream media of our community; while at the same time present and tell our story from our perspective.

Consciousness-raising through information and knowledge transfer is the mission of Community Public Radio.  Consequently, programming will include political and economic news and discussions, educational programming (health, business, finance, immigration, housing, etc.), information programs and entertainment.