CP-Radio 12-17-2017

10 billion dollars will be invested in our community for JFK redevelopment?

We need your participation, as a community, to get our slice of the economic pie!

This project comes with an increase in job opportunity and financial benefits… BUT FOR WHOM. The agreement was written to prioritize the employment of qualified local community members, minorities, and women.

However, WE URGE you to get informed and engage with us to see how you can grab a piece of the pie! CCA conducted a one-hour radio program on 12/17 that was designed to prepare you to take advantage of this opportunity.

These opportunities include but are not limited to non-construction and construction employment opportunities, post-construction contracts, and economic opportunities for businesses.


This is an opportunity for our community to work together to create wealth amongst each other and for each other. Let’s change our economic culture together.

Click here to learn more about the plan and proposed Community Benefits Agreement.

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