A snapshot of economic activities in queens

A snapshot of economic activities in queens

The private sector in Queens employed 517,240 people, representing 15.1% of the City’s total private employment.

Queens accounts for 56.4% of all the City’s Transportation and Utility companies, employing approximately 60,380 people in 2014.

Queens also has the largest Construction sector of all boroughs, with 36.0% of citywide Construction employees in 2014. Construction projects valued at over $6 billion in 2015

Queens has a larger share of its employment in businesses with less than 20 employees (34.8%) than the city as a whole (27.8%)

John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports, two of the largest airports in the tri-state area, are located in Queens. These two airports employed 49,000 people, contributed $55.6 billion in economic activity to the New York-New Jersey metro region in 2014 and generated a combined 399,194 jobs and $20 billion in wages.

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